Welcome to GTC Broadband

and Yes, it is true.  The telephone is not a required service to sign up for Internet.

Granby Telephone Company and GTC Broadband have been serving our community with the most advanced technology since 1904.  Internet was introduced in 1995 as dial-up Internet; you remember the ee-oo ee-oo ee-oo of the dial-up modems? Yet, today 100 Mbps is available in 70% of our service area.

Collectively, GTC and GTC Broadband have provided our friends and neighbors with over 110 years of experience and exceptional customer service. Call during business hours to ask questions, pay your bill, or upgrade to one of our Exciting New Internet Only Packages.  Friendly, local customer service representatives are happy to assist you with your questions and upgrades.   

Currently, GTC Broadband’s Fiber deployment continues in the rural areas.

A Letter from our President

At GTC Broadband, our #1 goal is to provide our customers with the fastest and most reliable Internet service possible.  However, since it is technology, it is impossible for it to never go down or have some issue arise.  During the past 8 years, we have been investing in a completely underground Fiber to the Home network to serve all our customers in Granby and Diamond.

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